Not only of football is Douro Cup 2018 made and Thursday morning has proved precisely that. On a different timetable, designed for athletes and coaches, the event promoted a Skills Experience, aimed at young people, and a workshop focused on the work of the elders.

“Above all else, Douro Cup is an event of experiences”, explains Andreia Duarte, a member of the organization of the event, whose expectation is that young people “enjoy what they like most, which is football, but having at the same time, other experiences, with activities and games that were created for this tournament”.

Along the same lines, Pedro Machado, Coordinator of the Recruitment Zone of Sporting CP, who conducted the workshop “The intervention of the youth coach in the microcycle/training unit: Strategies and Procedures”, praised the organization, one of the few tournaments that “promotes these synergies”.

“We know that the world and, in this case, the football industry are constantly changing, and it is important to share our knowledge. Players come, first and foremost to have fun, but at the same time there is this concern in training coaches so that there is recycling and in the future they can be better. I congratulate them on this, because they are beneficial synergies, which should continue in the future”.

To Fernando Costa, coordinator of Braga Football Academy, the workshop “will be able to value who participated in it”, and the activities promoted in parallel with football, “whether they are cruises or visits to the Biological Park, always value Douro Cup”.

“The organization knows how to work with all of this. They already did it last year, when they welcomed us very well and kept the concern throughout the year. They clearly know how to recognize the clubs that come and want to value the event”, he states.

From Ericeira, also overwhelming compliments. “Here, the young people know things they do not usually see. It is a reinforcement of what they have learned at school and an interesting experience for them”, says Mário Claro, Ericeirense coach, who guarantees that “what is important is to feel joy in their faces and to realize they are taking pleasure in what they are doing”.