In Vila Nova de Gaia, the days have been spent with lots of football, maximum fun and a whole set of activities that captivate both youngsters and adults. Douro Cup came back strong to the city and the opinions agree on the environment lived.

“At the beginning of the season we launched the challenge of participating in a tournament outside Madeira, not only to increase the competitiveness among children, but also in an education and social interaction among the teams, promoting new educational faculties for kids”, says Dimas Almada, father of an União da Madeira‘s athlete, for whom “to know the city of Porto, to visit Gaia and to have new experiences, promotes, between the kids, other educational levels”.

“This all combined makes Douro Cup a reference of this genre”, attests, without forgetting the “very good” environment and the “dedicated team, which, one notices, does everything for the kids”.

Adding all up, three days of games have already passed, with several extra-football experiences to the mix, which allows, according to Nélson Lourenço, father of a young man from CCAV Lisboa, “to enjoy this month of July and make the most out of this environment”.

“You see they’re happy and that’s why we’re here. We were here last year, we are here this year and maybe we’ll be in the next”, foresees, reinforcing the vision of Dimas Almada, that
highlights the “very good environment” and the “extra care” of the whole structure, “something remarkable, that should be followed by other organizations”.

For Gonçalo Almeida, SC Coimbrões player, the Douro Cup has been “very cool”. “The atmosphere is good, and I like to score goals and celebrate with my club”, he says, sustaining the position of EAS Alfenense coach Vitor Soares, who believes that “there should be more tournaments like this one, not only at the end of the season, but also in Christmas and Easter
breaks, when the championship is interrupted, so that the social part is promoted, which most times do not prevail during the year”.

“Douro Cup is excellent and super recommendable”, concludes Dimas Almada, who will continue to support his son during this Saturday, the day when the last games of the 2018 edition of the competition are being played and marked by the initiative with the Resistentes, Porto IPO’s football team, who will have a special participation in the event.