The success of Douro Cup 2018 was widely recognized and, from the outset, the necessary foundations were created for a project whose continuity was foreseen. “I think we’ve grown in many areas and I think the feedback was very positive. It gives us encouragement to continue working and preparing the third edition”, said Júlio Moura, a member of the organization.

Now it’s official. The international youth soccer tournament will be back in 2019, with an edition full of news that will help to catapult the quality level of the initiative.

After a special week last July, which ended with a “very positive outcome”, Douro Cup prepares the third edition, maintaining its own identity, that “differs in the spirit, which does not value excessively the competition” and betting in other values, “like friendship, sharing, participating or getting to know a new city”.

The first phase of registration to participate in the event is open and is extended until the end of December. The goal is to make the event evolve in a consistent way, promoting unique experiences and sharing unforgettable moments for all participants, with lots of football and various sports activities that foster leisure and cultural development.

Guarantee your place in Douro Cup 2019, one of the great initiatives of the summer!